Make A Super Cute Cell-Phone Holder! [DIY with CC]

When you’re living in a dorm room with limited space, the last thing you need is clutter, which is why I can’t WAIT to try making this adorable cell phone holder. It’s a simple way to clear excess wires and avoid misplacing your phone, plus it looks really pretty. But the best thing of all? It’s really cheap and easy to make. Here’s how to do it:
What You’ll Need: 
– An old plastic bottle that is more rectangular than round, like a lotion bottle, a mustard bottle, anything along those lines.
– A pen
– Scissors or a craft knife
– Sandpaper
– Fabric in a pattern of your choice!
– Fabric Glue – Modge Podge works well
How to Make Your Cool New Phone Holder:
1. Measure your phone against the bottle, to make sure it wil fit, then wash the bottle thoroughly with warm water and let it dry. Then measure your phone against the bottle to see how high you want your holder to go, and draw a line around the bottle to mark the height – you’ll want to make the back of your holder higher than the front (see the photo if you need a visual!).
2. Cut out your holder, using scissors or a knife.
3. Cut out a small, curved rectangle shape in the back of the holder – this is to hang by the outlet so make sure it’s big enough!
4. Now sand all of the edges, AND the surface of the holder – the edges need to be sanded so they’re not jagged, and if the surface is sanded it will be a lot easier to stick on the fabric.
5. Cut out a piece of fabric large enough to cover the holder with an extra inch or two on the top and bottom.
6. Cover the holder with glue, and start sticking down the fabric around the holder, holding it taut to avoid wrinkles. Make the fabric overlap in the back, where no-one will see it, and seal the edge with a little extra glue.
7. Cut a small oval or rectangle from the fabric to cover the bottom of your holder. Apply glue and stick it down. Turn your holder upside down and rest it on something tall and skinny, like a bottle or vase, to dry.
8. Cut out the fabric that’s covering the small rectangle in the back of your holder.
Voila! You now have a super cool cell-phone holder to declutter your dorm room!
[Thanks to make it – love it for the idea and photo!]

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