11 Relationship Milestones [Dude’s List]


Every relationship goes at its own pace. You can’t rush when you hit the milestones, but it can be argued that there are DEFINITELY milestones that couples reach, survive, crash into yelling “GERONIMO” and so on. The kind of relationship I’m describing is once you’ve gone past the first kiss, first date, beyond on the point where you’ve gone from a “me” to a “we.” Here are 11 milestone moments for every couple… (Was in a Jason Segel mood this week…)

And there you have them! It could have been more than 11, but until the fall of the eleventh I’m going to do my darndest to honor the original intent of the List. The question is, how many of these have gone the way you expected them to? How many ended up being the downfall of relationships past? And what did I leave off?

Yours truly,

The Dude

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