Be Full of Useless Information [ReadyU Conquer This List]

Going back to school in the fall can be stressful. There is always the fear of the semester’s unknown challenges, and being surrounded by so many people from all different walks of life can be overwhelming. Fortunately, it can also be exciting and offers you a great opportunity to try new things – meet new people, take that ballroom swing class you’ve been dying to try or join the pottery club to discover your inner artist!
You may be a freshman, ready to experience all college life has to offer, or you may be coming back for your second or third year with some experience, but as we all know, there is always something new to learn – both in and out of the classroom. College is all about meeting people and making new friends. Sometimes it can be a little nerve-wracking to start up a conversation with a stranger, but luckily, I did some research to make your next conversation with that cute barista at the local coffee shop that much easier!
In an effort to check all of the items off of ReadyU’s Conquer This List before the school year is over, I took to the quad to conquer item #15: Be Full of Useless Information. ReadyU is an awesome resource that aims to help you conquer all those moments BEYOND the classroom, and they’ve created the ultimate Conquer This List to guide your extracurricular activities this year – so you can graduate with serious honors! Throughout the school year, I’ll be “conquering” items on the list, so be sure to follow along and check back regularly to see how I’m progressing through ReadyU’s list!
You know those random pieces of information that everyone has permanently etched into their brain? Well, I walked up to strangers lounging on my campus and asked them to share those worthless trivia facts with me, in exchange for a tidbit of random knowledge I have stored in the depths of my brain. Brilliant! I know this sounds super ridiculous, and trust me, I looked a little strange and felt a little uncomfortable at times, but the people I met and the smiles I received made the whole task well worth it. It was so fun to do something out of the box and meet tons of great people while doing it! Stepping out of your comfort zone is key in college! I thought this task would be as awkward as running into that cute guy from my Chem lab at the pharmacy with a handful of Always® boxes, but trust me, going up to random strangers and asking them for fun facts was the most fun I’ve had at school in a long time!
Here are some of the “useless” and supposedly all true (?!) fun facts I learned while checking off this ReadyU Conquer This List item:

Now you have icebreakers to spare for the whole school year, making sure you’re the life of the party! I hope you, too, will find there are definite perks to being full of useless information. Dying for some more fun facts or perhaps looking for more ideas to add to your bucket list? Visit ReadyU’s Facebook page for more fun ways to conquer college life outside of the classroom and check out the Conquer This List to see how many fun tasks you can conquer before the school year is over!

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