Judd Apatow's TwitPics Aren't What You'd Expect [Photos]

I have a Twitter account, but those who follow me know I don’t really use it much (aside from the stray drunken observation I just need to share with the world). This, however, doesn’t mean that I don’t carry on something of a love affair with that cute little blue bird. You see, Twitter is my go-to for breaking news and instant entertainment.
Remember when there was that earthquake in NYC? Yeah, I was sitting at my desk in midtown during the thing, but it still took the power of Twitter to tell me what was actually going on. (In other news: There’s strong evidence here to simply prove I’m a moron.) And don’t even get me started about how I “try to look busy” on my phone while waiting for friends at the bar — yup, that’s me hanging out alone with a vodka soda and my BFF, Twitter.
Basically what I’m trying to say here is that I spend a lot of time on Twitter. I’m always looking for new people to follow, so it came as a shock to me yesterday when I realized I wasn’t following one of the funniest men in Hollywood, Judd Apatow. Cut to 15 minutes later after I perused his feed and found myself thoroughly confused by his assortment of TwitPics. Someone tell me — is there a “Judd Apatow selfie” inside joke that I’m missing out on?
If you have no idea what I’m talking about, take a look at his TwitPics below and notice how he has a habit of staring blankly into the camera lens of his cell. Oh yeah, and there’s a pic of him from back in his Heavyweights days.

[Lead image via Shutterstock/Helga Esteb, gallery images via]

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