The Cutest Store For Hair Accessories— You’ll be surprised!

We all remember Claire’s from our childhood and teenage years. Most of us got our ears pierced there for the first time or spent our weekly allowance on sparkly BFF bracelets… And rings. And necklaces. And of course, hair accessories. (The more bedazzled the hairpiece the better!)
Although those in our 20s, including myself, find Claire’s to be too immature for our taste, the fact is that with its reasonable prices, Claire’s is a store that should remain on your radar. Be careful to remember that not all items in the store are appropriate for our age, but I promise if you scour through the store, you’re sure to find great accessories… Just stay away from the glitter!
Below, I’ve featured some of the cutest hair accessories that Claire’s site has to offer, and I bet you’ll agree with me that they’re adorable! Best of all, you’ll see none of your friends wearing these pieces, because who else is daring enough to shop at a pre-teen store??? That’s what I thought!
So take a leap of faith with me and check out the cool hairpieces below! I’ve selected a wide variety of styles that are sure to fit your fashion personality! If you consider yourself a flower child, consider buying the daisy headband or multicolored head wrap. On the other hand, if you’re a retro gal, try out the gold or floral bow! Want to mix it up? Attach the bow to a collared long-sleeved shirt and you have a bowtie! Finally, if you’re a girly girl, check out the silver floral headband. It would look great with any dress up outfit and give you a goddess vibe!
Let me know what you think of the hair bows and bands that I have featured below— Would you consider wearing them out? I hope the answer is a resounding “Yes!”
Jessica Pawlarczyk

All of the items above are available at

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