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The Most Commonly Misheard Lyrics


So I happen to think I have an excellent singing voice.  (This is great because no one can disagree with me right now seeing as how I’m typing, not singing.) But anyway, when I was younger, I was CONVINCED I was going to be on American Idol.  Like absolutely, 100 percent, not a doubt in my mind, had my audition song picked out.

That being said, I tend to belt out the lyrics to songs because I’m awesome, and it sounds great, and those around me are instantly enchanted by my wonderful voice.  But see, this is where I run into problems.  “Why,” you may ask?  Well pretty much because when it comes to lyrics, I am terribly off…

Like terribly.  But I will attempt to convince you that I am correct and that it’s actually YOU who has it wrong.  Take the song “Say My Name” by Destiny’s Child.  For a majority of my childhood, I was 1000% convinced that the chorus was not “Say My Name”, (the song title, mind you) but “simanay”.  And I would argue and argue with my family, especially my dad, about how I was absolutely right, and he was absolutely wrong. But anyway, it took me until a few years ago to really recognize my mistake…

So as a nod to my creative take on the Destiny’s Child song, here’s a few other commonly misheard and, of course, mis-sung song lyrics.

[Lead image via Martin Allinger/Shutterstock]