CollegeCandy's Tailgate Beauty Survival Kit

Hello all you beauties! Now that Fall is upon us, so is Tailgate Season. You know what that means: plenty of days spent hanging out in a parking lot, under the sun, followed by more hours in a stadium, and most importantly, an evening out on the town. Now, you want to try and look your best for these occasions (especially with all the cute boys around!), but how can you expect your makeup to last 12 full hours? Technology, that’s how! Beauty brands are finally realizing that we, their customers, need super long-lasting makeup. Whether it’s for a crazy day at the office or a Sunday spent tailgating, I’ve compiled a list of the best and brightest long-lasting makeup so you can look your best from dawn til dusk!

Do you have any long-wearing makeup faves that I missed? I’d love to hear about them! Happy tailgating!
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