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Chronicles Of The City: On Seeing My First NY Rat, Emma Stone, & Brooklyn


On a scale of infinity to some number that’s larger than infinity, I become increasingly more obsessed with New York every day. Even though toasted bagels apparently aren’t a thing and real yellow mustard is hard to find, the coffee is better, the people watching is incredible, and everything delivers. Everything. I got a milkshake and fries brought to my door. Amazing.

Last week I saw my first NYC subway rat, which I found both super exciting and gross. I’m a thousand percent sure that several have crossed my path in the weeks I’ve been here, but I think my subconscious stopped me from noticing. I was so excited to tick another first off my list that I texted my dad about it. He told me I’ll always see rats and batteries on the subway. Rats: check. Battery count: six.

When I’m not being a pro on the subway, I’m running into celebrities. My first day in town I saw Ryan Gosling. RYAN GOSLING. He was just strolling down the street in the East Village all casual and gorgeous. He basically said “Hey girl, I love you.” Celebrity sitings for me are more about quality than quantity. A good celebrity siting can last you months. I saw Abigail Breslin looking a hot mess at J. Crew, and then hadn’t seen anyone cool since. But the other day I was at Madewell with some friends and all of a sudden I heard a familiar and husky voice. I turned around to see Emma Stone standing right in front of me. I gave her a nod and a smile. She smiled back and continued goofing around with her friend, and I kept picking through the sales rack minding by own business. I felt bad for her because all of the sales associates were standing around gawking at her. She got pretty uncomfortable that everyone was staring and left in a hurry. She was super pretty. That sighting will last me for a while.

And when I’m not running into celebrities, I’m YOLOing (I only used this because my co-worker loves it, you’re welcome.) around town. This weekend after a rowdy gameday watch party, I ended up in Brooklyn with my friends at an open bar. Now, if there weren’t an open bar and if it wasn’t for a good reason, I probably wouldn’t have gone to Brooklyn. A friend pointed out that this makes me a New York snob. Yes, yes it does. I’m just not a fan of hipsters. But I’m a huge fan of free drinks. And shows involving glitter and paint and stuff. So yeah, I had fun in Brooklyn. My liver doesn’t like me right now but dammit, I had a great time!

In addition to all of that, I’ll finally be off my friend’s couch by next week. Don’t get me wrong, I love couches. I love napping on couches, I love watching TV on couches, and I love lounging on couches. But it’s going to be really nice to say “I’m going home!” instead of “I’m going to couch!” and to have my stress level dramatically decrease.

So I’m gonna go hook myself up to a Vita Coco-IV and eat some fantastic New York pizza. Until next week sugarplums!

Caitlin is a graduate of the University of Alabama who has an obsession with cupcakes, coffee, and Harry Potter. She always has random fun facts and is now working for an awesome company in New York City. Follow her fabulous life @caitlincorsetti. You’re welcome!