Things To Consider When Deciding to Stay In and Study or Go Out and Party

One of the great struggles that we must face time and time again: Work vs Play. I mean, I’m sure that to some staying in to study doesn’t feel like work (and those are the ones who the other 99% will end up working for) but for the rest of us socially adjusted, it’s a bit more difficult of a predicament. So then we have to wonder, what are the X factors to debate over when making your decision?
Weather: Freezing rain encourages staying in. Warm breeze blows you out the door. What’s interesting also is that weather doesn’t just influence by convenience but can affect mood, melatonin levels, vitamin D, and a host of other chemicals you’re producing more or less of. Generally the effects are felt over longer periods of time, but a week of sleet might just be enough to tip your constitution towards one path or the other on Saturday night.
Deadlines: Timing is sometimes everything. If you’ve got a 25 page paper due in 12 hours and you’re on paragraph 3…you might want to consider sitting this night out and investing in several 5 Hour Energy drinks. On the other hand, if the exam’s a week away…what’s the harm in some stimulation?
Location: Are you going across campus or to you friend’s dorm room 2 floors down? You can always pop in and out for a study break depending how far you have to travel. But to go a ways away you want to make sure you’re going to have all night, otherwise what’s the point?
Who you’re meeting: Okay, this might be the point. Friend or FWB? Mr. Right or Mr. Wrong? BF or BFF? New guy or booty call? If you’ve got a lot invested in who’s going to be there then maybe you can negotiate around your work ethic. On the other hand, if you know you can see that person (people) any night, then make it a reward for all the hard work you’re putting in tonight to go out tomorrow night.
Desire: Do you actually want to go out or do you feel obligated to go? Suddenly, the books become a great scapegoat…
Those are the top 5 factors I could think of and that determine whether I want to stay in or go out. There are only so many hours in the day, so much energy to use, and so many things you can handle at one time. I’m not advocating for one way or another, like I said, it all comes down to the circumstances. Well, it comes down to the circumstances and what you’re priorities are. Okay, so maybe I’m lying: it’s who you’ll meet with that matters more than where, what, or when.
Find the balance between two thoughts: “Life is short” and “There’s always tomorrow.” Whatever side of that scale you’re tipping to in the moment will determine the decision you justify to yourself at 3am.
Hitting the books then the bar,
The Dude
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