The 5 Best Study Tips That Actually Work

When it comes to studying, different things work for different people. Your learning style definitely comes into play – visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learners all retain information differently – but other factors are important too. Do you like short bursts of study time every day, or intense study sessions paired with days off? Do you prefer a strict study timetable or just picking up your books when you feel like it? Whatever your study preferences, here are some handy tips and tricks that work every time.

1. Tune into relaxing Spotify playlists.

Listening to something like orchestral music or thunderstorm sounds will keep you focused and relaxed so that your mind isn’t wandering and you’re not left wondering what you just read.

2. Stock up on snacks.

No, this does not mean to order Insomnia Cookies in bulk amounts and drink kegs of Red Bull. Pick snacks that are going to keep you from getting a sugar rush and meandering away from your books or opening new tabs on your computer. Try strawberries, flavored water, popcorn and if you’re diligent maybe order a cookie or two.

3. Repetition

Yes, it’s cliche. Use flashcards and go over things so many times that you seem to memorize them. This is important. If you can memorize and discern meanings from things it will help you with recall for those multiple choice questions and the easier portions of an exam.

4. Study with a friend… if you can handle it.

If it helps, have a friend from class collaborate with your studies. You’ll be able to give each other insight and will also have tips and tricks for each other. They may know things that you don’t and vice versa. That all being said, if you’re easily distracted you may want to study alone. The environment is all about your preference.

5. Keep off your laptop.

If you don’t need your laptop, do not use it. If anything open an incognito window so that social media won’t distract you with notifications. When using a laptop it’s easy to become concerned with the wonders of the internet. Have a little self-control and nip this issue in the bud.

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