Why This CC Writer Doesn't Have Pubic Hair

I remember reading a book when I was in middle school, it was just a novel for “teen girls.” But in the book they were making fun of this older woman because her pubic hair was sticking out through her bathing suit. They called her pelt woman. I can’t remember the name of this book, I just remember thinking the whole thing was really weird. I also didn’t know what a pelt was.
Look, not that I’m going around looking at everyone’s pubic hair – but I know for a fact that all of my girlfriends went to get waxed before we went to Panama City for Spring Break. I’ve always just instinctively known that I’m not supposed to have a bush down there. Guys talk about it ALL THE TIME and you know what? I like it. I like feeling clean.
The woman in this article, however, felt the opposite. I feel guilty letting a guy do his thing if he’s not going down to something that’s taken care of, but she felt like she was being judged for NOT having some pubic hair.
Read her manifesto here, and give us your two cents? To shave or not to shave, that is the question.
[Lead image via Forewer/Shutterstock]

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