Arousal Overcomes Disgust [Sex in the News]

In order to get a women to be truly open-minded, you have to get her turned on. At least, this is what a Dutch study found that observed the psychology behind women engaging in sexual activities that many people might find to be off-putting.
Researchers found that a woman’s arousal overrides her feeling of disgust. In the group women were separated; some watched female-friendly porn, some watched extreme sports and some watched a video of a train. These were meant to incite sexual excitement, excitement and apathy respectively.

What they found is that when women were aroused (having just watched porn) they were more willing to do “icky” tasks than the other women. These included things like eating a cookie that was next to a worm and drinking a glass of juice with a large insect – but don’t worry, it was fake. There were a a few sex-related tasks including putting lube on a vibrator, which the aroused women also found to be a less-disgusting task.
What researchers also suggest is that when women are turned on, their inhibitions might be lowered. Being truly turned on, they say, leads to more pleasurable sex. This also explains low-sexual arousal is related to sexual dysfunction.
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