Kissing After Oral: Yay or Nay? [He Said/She Said]


Would you be grossed out if a hook-up kissed you after going ‘downtown’? Or would you be seriously offended if a guy rejected a post-bj make out session? Oral sex protocol is a seriously opinion-dividing topic, and I totally get why. A lot of guys just don’t like the idea of going mouth to mouth with someone whose lips have just touched their junk, the same way loads of girls don’t want to get a taste of their own downstairs area. On the flip side, it can feel like a pretty big rejection when a guy turns away from a sweet kiss after you’ve given him the blow job business. It’s just personal preference, which makes dealing with it a bit of a gray area.

If you’re in a long-term relationship with the guy, it makes sense to just compromise. If he politely asks you to please rinse your mouth out after going down on him, or goes as far as asking you to brush your teeth, why not just do it? It’s not THAT much hassle and you know it’s nothing personal. (But seriously guys, it’s not a big deal, it isn’t ‘gay’ or gross, you can’t taste it, and it’s fine. Calm down and just kiss your girlfriend.) The same applies if you’re the one with the make out issue – just tactfully explain that kissing straight afterwards makes you uncomfortable, and lay down exactly what you’d like, whether you’re okay with just a quick mouth rinse or want to wait for a few hours (seriously relax, there are no such things as cooties, just do it!). Even if you agree to kissing as a no-go zone, you can still snuggle and enjoy a good post sexy time nap.

But if you haven’t worked out exactly what the situation is, tread carefully. Some guys will really get freaked out if you go in for the kiss, so why not just ask? It may sound a bit awkward, but it’s better than risking the guy ewww-ing at your advances.

Honestly, I think everyone needs to relax and just accept a quick swig of water as acceptable pre-kissing protocol. But when it comes down to it, sexual preferences are personal. Be respectful, and everyone’ll be happy.

But what do you guys think of kissing after oral sex? Leave a comment below and click here to see what He Says!

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