See Your Day at a Glance with Sunrise [Web Spy]

I’ve said it many times before: as college students, we’re all crazy busy balancing all the different academic/career/social/personal responsibilities we have — so we love anything that makes life easier in some way or another.

Sunrise is my newest discovery in the “making life easier” category.

Sunrise is, quite simply, a daily email outlining your tasks for the day. Now, before you complain about yet another daily email to have to go through each morning, listen closely: Sunrise may be the most important of all those other emails.

That’s because Sunrise links with all your social networks and accounts, from Facebook to LinkedIn to Google, and puts it all together in one place. Every day at sunrise (hence the name), you’ll get a clean and simple email snapshot of your day to come — including all your meetings, appointments and tasks, as well as friend’s birthdays and icons denoting the weather forecast for the day.

Sure, it’s a simple premise, but it’s nonetheless useful! And sometimes it’s the simplest things that are the most beautiful.

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