10 Must Have Apps For Your iPhone

Ladies and Gents, it’s time! Tomorrow the iPhone 5 will be here. If you haven’t pre-ordered it and are thinking of hitting the apple store, I’d suggest getting there at the crack of dawn. No joke. I’ve heard rumors that people are camping out tonight! So what’s so special about this version? For starters there’s a larger Retina display. This basically means that everything on your phone is going to be crisper and clearer. The LTE wireless technology will also speed up all connections and the new A6 chip makes everything twice as fast so you can get the information you need at lightning speed. Here’s the kicker, it won’t drain your battery life. So, what’s the downside? New type of charger and still no flash. Whether this version is going to be the best ever yet is up to debate. We’ll have to wait and see till tomorrow. While we wait, I figured why not compile a top 10 list of apps that have made my phone the most important item in my purse.
1. Find iPhone App: If you lose your phone this app will pinpoint its location on a map for you. Even better, if someone’s stolen your phone you can remotely wipe it and shut it off.
2. Seamless App: Order you food in the cab ride back from a night out and come home to delivery.
3. Kayak App: Book your tickets home for Spring Break or Christmas while you sit in class.
4. Turntable.fm App: It’s a live DJ room where you can spin songs or listen to others spin. Also a great way to discover new tunes.
5. Netflix App: I was skeptical about this at first, but the quality of the video made this one of my favorite apps. It’ll even remember what you were watching on your desktop and continue playing from where you left off.
6. Stumble Upon App: Are you one of those people who loves “cool stuff” ? You’ve found your mecca.
7. Dictionary.com App: So much easier to use than your laptop if you’re studying or reading in bed.
8. Spotify App: If you’re still using Pandora, you will welcome the switch with open arms.
9. Stubhub App:  Find out what shows are playing in area and get tickets to sold out shows.
10. Google Translate App: This one is perfect for study abroad students. You’ll have a language in the palm of your hand.

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