My Sophomore Checklist

While we’re all in the midst of starting the new school year, we’ve got plenty of things on our mind: our professors, the workload, friends, and the parties.

Our freshman days are over. The excitement of transitioning to a new lifestyle is behind us, we already know our way around (for the most part), and we’ve found our main group of friends. Some of us are still squandering to find which major we belong to best while the rest of us are dreading all of the “Intro To…” classes that make us regret choosing our potential major.

Sophomore year doesn’t sound as exciting as last year and doesn’t include a 21st birthday celebration like our fellow juniors and seniors, but there are plenty of things we do have to look forward to this upcoming year. Here is what I’m going to be up to this year, maybe you’ll get a few ideas, as well!

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[Lead image via Ermolaev Alexander/Shutterstock]

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