“The Hunger Games” Trailer Gets a Makeover [Video]

One of my favorite parts of going to the movies is watching the trailers. I love when trailers are done right and give you little hints about what will happen in the movie without spoiling it. On the other hand, a badly done trailer can give away the movie’s whole plotĀ  or not say enough. I don’t want to see a trailer where I can predict the movie’s ending. I don’t want to be confused about the movie’s premise either.

Recently, I came across this YouTube channel, “Honest Trailers.” I don’t know how I haven’t seen it before but it’s amazing! Basically, the creators take hit movies and put a voice-over on the movie’s trailer to explain what really happens in the movie. They usually point out little indiscretions in movie and the WTF? moments every movie has. Here’s the Honest Trailer for The Hunger Games! Do their comments ring true? Let us know!

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