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Leather and Gold Tube Bracelet [DIY with CC]


I love, love, love dressing up my arms in massive arm candy. I can not resist buying a cute bracelets to layer on top of one another. I could wear bracelets on bracelets on bracelets, especially those of the leather variety. I love the hippie-ish look it gives. So I saw this craft and obviously needed to make it, and I thought I would share with all you CC readers as well. Because everyone loves arm candy – which is also my favorite phrase.

Things you’ll need:

7 or 8 3mm x 50 mm curved noodle tube beads
1 yard of 1.5 mm leather cord (or you can get different colors if you want to)
2 crimp on cord ends
1 small spring or lobster clasp (or any clasp you want, really)
1 pair of chainnose pliers

Here come the steps. Keep in mind that I am not a very crafty person, and this seems pretty simple for all us non-crafty folk before.

1. So first take one end of the leather cord and put it on one of the cord ends. Then take the chainnose pliers and squeeze the center of the cord end so it stays on the leather cord. Like the one in the picture.

2. Then thread the gold tubes onto the leather bracelet and space them out however your little heart desires.

3. Wrap the bracelet around your wrist to get the right length and trim it to where you want it. I’d like mine to wrap around like three times.

4. Trim the end and then clamp on the second cord end.

5. Using the pliers, open the tiny ring that attaches to the end of the clasp and attach that to the cord end. Like so…

6. Clamp to the other end of the bracelet, wrap around your arm and BAM. Perfection!

[Thanks so much to for the idea and the pictures!]