Can Someone Explain Why Great Actors Star in Awful Horror Movies?

Hunger Games star Jennifer Lawrence takes on a lead role in the new movie House at the End of the Street, a horror film now in theaters. I just saw a trailer for this movie come on the other day and my roommate, a die-hard Hunger Games fan, literally screamed, “What the heck is she doing in that movie?! But she’s so good!”
Although scary movies are often known for cheesy special effects, cheap scare tactics, as well as horrible scripts and acting, it turns out that a ton of amazing actors and actresses go on to star in these less prestigious roles. It’s almost become an initiation into the acting hall of fame. Moviefone’s put together a list of some of Hollywood’s finest who have starred in terrible horror films.
Can you believe these actors were in some of these movies? View the list here!
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