A New Era in Social Media: Facebook F*cks Up, MySpace Gets a Makeover

MySpace (yes, the one we’ve all been making fun of the past couple years) has gotten a completely new makeover, and that brings us to a big question: what is happening to social networking? As sites reinvent their designs and accessibility, older, less popular sites may rise again to become the new networking norm.
Changes in interaction
If you take a look at the new MySpace it is definitely a completely different look from what we remember a couple years ago. While I have no-so-fond memories of people whining about what order they were in on my “Top 8”, the new design features on MySpace look to have some great functions: you can connect through Facebook to add your friends, and the layout is similar to Pinterest with snippets of activity shown throughout your profile. And you even need a request now to join the new MySpace, which is now a more music-centric site.
In fact, social media in general seems to be taking a turn in the direction of short, quick and easy updates. Pinterest began the trend of the “pin photo” format that’s simple, streamlined and can be easily shared across the web for followers and Pinterest users. Twitter introduced the 140 character limit updates that allowed us to know what our favorite celebs and friends were up to at all times, and of course in-the-moment mobile updating has become almost universal with smartphones taking over by storm.
A Shift Away From Facebook
For those of you who weren’t aware of yesterday’s Facebook party foul, a number of users reported seeing old private messages showing up as wall posts on their very public timeline for their friends to see. Although this alone is not enough to get Facebook users to delete their profiles in favor of other networking sites, it certainly is one of many annoyances that has occurred with the site, whether it’s the many site design updates such as Timeline, or the mini-feed. It also is a blunt reminder that nothing we do on Facebook (or the internet in general) is ever truly private.
As it stands, I’ve begun to see my friends transition away from the widely popular Facebook site, preferring less “bulky” social networking platforms such as Twitter and Pinterest. Facebook has so much information – pictures, status updates, sharing functions…the list goes on – sometimes I’m really not that interested in that much information from all my Facebook friends (which is basically everyone I’ve ever met, plus their parents). Facebook just doesn’t feel that personal anymore. Now that sites like MySpace are getting a new spin, maybe it’s high time we all ditched the ever-changing Facebook?
The Future of Social Media
Now I don’t expect everyone to delete their Facebook accounts in favor of MySpace, but the online world is definitely headed in a new direction. We want social media that is streamlined and quick to update, and something we can check on our mobile phones. While Facebook is great for creating a personal profile, these other sites are good for staying in the loop on current events, gossip and my friends’ latest adventures. The whole idea behind social networking is being able to interact closely with other people via the internet, so the site that accomplishes that most efficiently will certainly come out on top.
As for me, I rarely even go on Facebook anymore if not to see what events are happening on the weekends. I am addicted to Twitter, though, which I find a lot more fun and fitting to my high-speed lifestyle – and I’m interested in trying out the new MySpace on for size.
What about you guys? What are your thoughts on the social media world?

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