Hakuna Tabata: Full-Body Interval Workout Burns Fat in 4 Minutes

Lame Lion King reference aside – and by lame, I mean super clever and totally awesome (a’thank you) – Tabata interval training is no joke! As a cardio program that focuses on melting away fat, Tabata interval training will make you sweat more, burn more, and work your entire body, all while keeping the total workout under 15 minutes (which includes a warm up and a cool down). You’ll be on your way to leaner legs, a slimmer midsection, and an overall healthier physique in literally no time!
There’s a reason the Tabata method is known for its convenience: the no equipment, do-anywhere workout involves short bursts of high-intenisty moves performed over a period of just 4-minutes! This method is designed so that each Tabata routine consists of a 20-second, all-out work interval followed by a 10-second rest period, which together make one full set. And with only 20-seconds of cardio at a time, you need to be shifting your butt into high-gear! Perform the work-rest set combination eight times, and you’ve got yourself a full Tabata workout that will get your heart pumping and your energy systems kicking into overdrive…which means big improvements in the fat-burning department!
To understand how it works, here’s a way-easier version of a lesson you might find in a biology class, but since it’s getting us into kick-ass shape, it’s definitely worth understanding (as opposed to in bio, when its like, whatever): to provide our muscles with the energy they need during a workout, our bodies have the aerobic and anaerobic energy systems. Both systems are always working together, but our aerobic system always predominates during rest and low-intensity cardio…it’s during higher-intensity workouts which have us using up oxygen at higher rates that we shift towards the anaerobic system.
And what does this mean for us? Um, it means we’re getting an amazing workout that not only improves how efficient our energy systems are, but also helps with our resting metabolism, meaning we can burn more calories by doing nothing (score!). Tabata also provides a workout that burns fat across the entire body, providing an overall slim down in much less time, and giving you even better results than a straight-up cardio routine that lasts for an hour. Plus, you have the added bonus of eliminating time and money on expensive fitness gear – ‘Mo’ Money’ = no problems for us (sorry, Biggie).
Try this easy to follow Tabata workout by either completing all eight sets one after the other, or choosing four sets to do twice! You can even mix and match sets and pick the moves you like most to personalize your workout. Just remember, you need to push yourself during those 20-seconds of cardio if you want to see results.

So if you’re looking for a simple but powerful cardio workout that will give you results in the time it takes to paint your nails and watch a cycle of TV commercials, I say no worries, start Tabata training today, you definitely will not regret it! It’s a problem free philosophy (…too far?)!

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