All Little Monsters Are Beautiful: Lady Gaga's Body Revolution

Self esteem is something that all humans struggle with. Black, white, fat, scrawny, mousy, beautiful– everyone faces insecurities of some kind. We all feel that some part of us doesn’t necessarily fit in with society’s standards of what is attractive or normal. This is probably definitely because the individuals modeling the current standard of beauty only represent an incredibly tiny percentage of the population. Nothing screams I need a diet now quite like that perfectly proportioned (and heavily photoshopped) model who looks as if she hasn’t eaten solid food in days to get ready for a shoot. Anyone ever cut out and taped a Victoria’s Secret model to the fridge as ‘motivation?’ Guilty! And that’s exactly how it made me feel every time I opened the fridge: Guilty.

So Lady Gaga, I salute you. For using your brand to shed light on beauty that many have never seen before. Most people do not modify monster with beautiful, but in Gaga’s world of Little Monsters, every monster is beautiful and every difference is celebrated in a web of likeminded support. If you haven’t spent any time on Gaga’s site, I strongly encourage you to do so. The platform is similar to pinterest by design and very easy to get drawn into; I effortlessly spent an hour scrolling through the user generated posts. The sense of community is almost overwhelming and absolutely void of pomp or circumstance. Gaga has created a safe zone for those alienated by society’s impossible standards, and she’s not afraid to put her ‘flaws’ on display.
Lady Gaga’s Body Revolution is exactly that: A revolution. Hundreds of people have followed her lead and posted pictures of themselves in underwear on the site. The sheer volume is incredible in and of itself, but the feedback on the posts is also astounding. Paws up, people! There is nothing but love and support for those vulnerable enough to bare all. Kinda makes me want to peel off a few layers, am I right? So if you need a break from your usual internet entertainment or could use a little bit of positive energy in your life, check out the world of Little Monsters. It’s not important to be perfect, but it’s crucial to love yourself regardless. Hats off to you, Gaga!

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