Would You Pay Extra for Booze Filtered Through Playmates' Cleavage? [WTF Friday]

If you’ve ever had an issue finding the perfect guy-friendly gift, G Spirits – a German spirit label (warning: link is NSFW), has developed the ultimate solution. Each product is bottled after pouring the drink over a sexy playmate’s chest, then packaged along with photos for sale to some lucky individuals. Booze, boobs… I’m pretty sure this is the manliest, most macho concept possible (unless it included bacon).
This is a legit company, who claims to “recognize a special type of woman” with their liquors, and all I have to wonder is who the heck buys this stuff!? Clearly, the demand for the pricey products is enough to keep the company in business.
Would you pay more for booze filtered through some girl’s cleavage? Does this whole concept offend you, or are you getting ready to bottle some of your own boob-filtered booze?

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