Dress To Impress With These Dresses from ROMWE [Budget Stylista]

It hit me the other day– I have absolutely nothing to wear to my cousin’s wedding…. and it’s in a few weeks.

My first reaction was to salvage a dress from one of my high school or college homecomings, but after a quick look in my closet, I decided I had no options. Everything was too outdated, too short or too casual. It was time to go shopping.

Ever been in a similar situation?

Shopping for a special occasion can be stressful, especially when you are under a deadline. Or when you seriously have no backup options. (The one dress in my closet that could work? I can barely zip it. How was I ever that skinny in high school?!? Seriously, any answer to this question would be good.)

When you’re under a time crunch, remember that in-store shopping has its advantages. Unlike online shopping, you don’t have to guess your dress size or wonder if that plunging neckline is in fact too low. So when you find yourself up against the ticking clock next time, consider shopping at your local mall first for a backup outfit. Even if you’re not in LOVE with the dress, at least you have a viable option! (Just remember to keep your receipt in case you decide to return it!)

Next, shop online at your favorite store just to keep your options open. One of my favorite online stores to buy a dress is ROMWE.com. There is a wide variety of styles and prices! (Hint: You may have to comb through a lot of dresses to find a good price, but it’s totally worth it.)

For my cousin’s upcoming wedding, I’ve considered the following dresses below. (Except for the striped one in the middle… I know it’s too casual, but I’m in love with it! I’m seriously considering buying it just for the heck of it!)

I’m torn between a summery pastel dress or a bright pink one, as the wedding is still technically during the summertime.

So what do you think? Leave me a comment below and let me know which dress is your favorite! I’m definitely rooting for a certain one, but I want to have a second opinion!

P.S.- Don’t forget to check out ROMWE.com when you get the chance!

Chiffon Color Contrast Dress- Buy it now! / Orange and Pink Shift Dress- Buy it now! / Peter Pan Neckline Rose Dress- Buy it now! / Blue Striped Dress- Buy it now! / Heart Cut-out Dress- Buy it now!

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