Watermark Your Plain White Tee [DYI with CC]

I have about a bazillion plain white T-shirts in my closet at the moment, which takes me back to the days of middle school when we’d break out the buckets and rubber bands for tie-dye parties. This craft is a great way to use those plain shirts and customize them with your own designs, quotes – whatever you want. The result is an extremely cute end product that’s completely unique.

What you need:
– Elmer’s Blue Gel glue **must be the blue gel kind!
– Fabric Dye in any color you choose
– White cotton T-shirt (or whatever item you want to dye)
– Plastic bin for dye bath
What to do:
1. Wet tee in cool water and place plastic bin lid inside the shirt.
2. Create design you want on the shirt using Elmer’s glue to write words, make pictures, etc.
3. Set aside for several hours until dry.
4. Using dye instructions, prepare dye bath in plastic bin using cool water.
5. Dip fabric in dye bath making sure the entire shirt gets dyed.
6. Set shirt flat to dry.
7. Once dry, soak shirt in cool & soapy water for 15 minutes.
8. Throw shirt in the washer and dryer as you would normally.
9. Done! You now have a great new personalized T shirt to show off.
Thanks to Sweet Verbena for originally posting this craft idea, tutorial, and pictures at U-createcrafts.com!

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