Let’s Discuss Aubrey O’Day’s New Music Video

So Aubrey O’Day came out with a shiny new music video for her song Wrecking Ball. Let me just explain for a hot minute how much I loved this girl when she was on Making The Band 3. She was the cutest thing and was super talented. I thought she was the bees knees was so excited when she actually made the band. Then she went all divalicious when Danity Kane happened. Aside from Damaged and Showstoppin’ the Danity Kane ride was short-lived. I’m convinced that stint wasn’t real life, and we can pretend that whole thing didn’t exist.

Homegirl has always had some crazy in her, but in this video she could be the poster-girl for crazy eyes. The song is super catchy, and I’ve already listened to it like five thousand times. But I’m so confused by the sexy rocker thing she’s trying to do in between running around on the beach in a flag. It doesn’t make sense! I know music videos are artistic or whatever, but she’s trying too hard. When I just listen to the song, everything is fine. Seeing her perform it has me mildly afraid that she’ll strangle the next guy she dates with a microphone cord. That’s not healthy.

[Image via Reality Nation]

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