Getting to Know Christian LaBella, LiLo's Alleged Attacker

Saturday night, Lindsay Lohan alleged that she had been assaulted by 25-year-old Christian LaBella, after she had argued with him over taking cellphone pictures of her earlier that night.
Now who exactly is Christian LaBella? Lindsay and several of her friends had invited him over to their hotel after meeting at a trendy nightclub in Chelsea, before the alleged assault occurred. He was arrested that night, but charges were subsequently dropped; followed by both parties filing harassment complaints.
Upon looking further into LaBella’s life, there are some interesting facts you can find out about the co-star to Lohan’s latest real-life drama.
What’s your take on all the drama? Do you think Lindsay is blowing this out of proportion? Does Christian seem like he would strangle the star of Disney’s The Parent Trap?

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