Ballet-Inspired Total Body Tone-Up [CC's ShapeU]

If we’ve learned anything from Black Swan, it’s that we should think twice before watching another R-rated movie with our parents – yeah, that was awkward. Luckily, some of the more normal dance-inspired entertainment out there offer us a different lesson: dancers have amazing bodies! Tune in to shows like ‘Dancing with the Stars‘ and ‘So You Think You  Can Dance’ and you’ll see what I mean…virtually every dancer has long, lean legs, toned arms, and an overall bad-ass physique that still looks super-feminine and sexy. Before you sip the hater-aid, these hard core dancers go through vigorous training session several days a week to maintain their great figures. And if they can work their bodies into amazing shape, why shouldn’t you? Take a page out of their book and get a firmer butt, leaner legs, sculpted arms and a tighter core with this ballet-inspired workout.

I am by no means a dancer (unless I’m breaking it down to some corny 90’s hip hop, I’m a kickboxing/running kind-of-girl), but I use these moves for myself and my classes because they really work. There’s a reason Ballet Barre Workout classes are popping up in fitness studios and local gyms everywhere! No, it’s not because sock buns are in, it’s because these workouts tone and lengthen our muscles, giving us that killer, all-around sculpted body we want. The key to the success of this workout is in the finer details: feet positioning, range of motion, balance, all these components are essential to getting awesome results.
By taking authentic ballet moves like the plié and relevé, this quick and simple workout is a fun alternative to some standard toning routines, and you will feel the burn! Try it here:

Why spend $20 or more for a class you can do in the comfort of your own home or dorm room? Save the money for a tutu and follow this sample ballet-inspired routine to tone your entire body. Your figure will be très magnifique!
Did you feel the burn? How do you think this workout measures up to some other toning methods you’ve used? 

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