"Wanted By Police" Is Your New Favorite Pinterest Account

Of course we’re all familiar with Texts From Last Night. The infamous website spawned a book of the same name, as well as copycat tumblr accounts (perhaps most notably Disney Ladies From Last Night). I’m confident that I’m not the only person who has spent many hungover mornings sitting in bed with a couple of my friends reading aloud these anonymously submitted drunk texts.
“How did she fall asleep with the Oscar Meyer cold cuts in her bra?”
“Huh? ‘Come home. There’s a duck on the front porch and a hobo in the kitchen’? That is not real life. Fake submission!”
“Eww…read this one. This girl threw up Jose Quervo and guacamole on her dad! Low point.”
Whether I should be proud to admit it or not, these are all phrases that I have uttered at some point or another while perusing TFLN. While it’s all fun and games hearing about these mystery people’s hijinks and misfortune, you have to wonder — what happens to them after the hilarious text is sent?
Guys, get ready, because I think I found the answer we’re all looking for. A new Pinterest came across my radar today, and I’m pretty sure it contains the mugshots of everyone who has ever submitted a TFLN. (That statement is actually in no way proven, but just take a look and tell me my suspicions are wrong.) Three citizens of Pottstown, PA started a Pinterest account called “WANTED BY POLICE” and it’s basically a round up of all the wanted hoodrats in their area. These mugshots are internet gold and will definitely serve as a wonderful addition to your hangover schedule.
PS: Can we please turn this into a game!? What would these people’s last text have been before they were arrested? Stacey definitely looks like she jacked someone’s Adderall prescription then went nude swimming in the fountain on the quad.

[All images via WANTED BY POLICE]

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