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Battle Of The Brains: Men vs Women [WTF Friday]


Men. What goes on in that empty vat they call their brain? How many times have you wondered, ‘What in the world is he thinking?’ Guess what ladies, it may just be nothing. Now before you think I’m totally nuts as a single gal in her twenties watching youtube videos of marriage counselor Mark Gungor, hold your judgement. This guy is funny! And drops some serious truths. We’ve all heard that men are from Mars and woman are from Venus, but Mark really delves into how men and women’s brains are different. Mark claims we gather, process and store information completely differently. And you know what? I think I buy it.

Mark says that a man’s brain is made up of little boxes. There’s a box for girls, his car, his job, his dog, his mom, (a much smaller box for) your mom, etc. And the boxes never touch. Never. Men keep things compartmentalized so that stress from one box doesn’t seep into another. So do guys really just flip on and off a switch? Na, they just get into a different box! Pay careful attention to what Mark calls the ‘nothing box.’

The picture he paints of a woman’s brain is completely different. There are no boxes. More like big balls of wire all connected by the pulse of emotional energy. Each wire sends a pulse to the next wire, so if we’re bummed about a boy, we’re probably not focused at work. But this is also how we multitask and have the uncanny ability to remember everything. It’s all connected!

To all of you about to slam me with feminist comments, halt! I am in no way making a statement about which of the sexes brain works better. I am agreeing with Mark that they work differently, and that’s okay. I also do not believe that his theory applies to all men and women. It’s a generalization. I think people fall somewhere on a spectrum between society’s idea of the girly girl on one end and the machismo man on the other. Therefor overlap does exist between the sexes.

I’m not saying that everything about Mark’s theory is correct, but I do think it’s an important perspective to hear. If we can all accept that we don’t all process information the same way, then we can all stop imposing our methods of thinking on everyone else! We can stop rushing to conclusions and just cut each other some slack, am I right? Just trying to keep the peace, y’all.

Watch the video and let us know what you think. Does Mark get the male and female brain right? Or do you disagree with him? Sound off below!

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