Solange and Sky Ferreira Are Bringing Music Back to the 80s [Video]


If you’re anything like me, you’ve been spending the past year trying to embrace the dubstep craze. Do you remember the first moment you thought to yourself, “Oh wait, that’s not an old-school printer spitting out those mechanical noises? It’s music? How interesting.”? The screeches, the thud noises…I feel like an old person admitting this, but it kinda gives me a headache when I have to listen to Skrillex at the bar. (And yes, Dad, I’m sure it’s the music, not an early onset hangover.)

For better or worse, dubstep has become super popular and even Justin Bieber is lacing the style into his traditionally more pop and hip-hop centric songs. Suffice it to say, it’s been something we’ve all lived with and maybe you’re even a full-fledged fan, but I, for one, am just kinda ready for the next big thing.

Imagine my completely overwhelming joy when I came across two new music videos today that have basically restored my faith in life, liberty and the pursuit of getting drunk while belting out Top 40 hits. Full disclosure: I’m slightly obsessed with all things 80s, so these latest releases from Solange Knowles and Sky Ferreira already have me online shopping for glitter and spandex.

Solange’s “Losing You” is a throwback to a groovier time, and Sky’s “Everything is Embarrassing” (oddly enough, this is also the title of my upcoming memoir) take up right where Madonna left off in the late 80s. Granted both songs were produced by Dev Hynes, so this could be why they sport a similar feel, but part of me wants to cross my fingers and toes and wish that this is where music trends are heading!

Call your mom and tell her not to throw out your old scrunchies before you take a listen…

Sky Ferreira – “Everything is Embarrassing”

Solange – “Losing You”

What do you think of Solange and Sky’s retro sound? Love it or hate it?