The Pleated Leather Skirts Celebs Are Crazy About [Budget Stylista]

As always, the ever-fashionable Kristen Cavallari is atop of the latest trend: Pleated black leather mini skirts. All over LA, celebs like Kristen are walking the streets wearing this new style staple, which has become on the hottest fashion trends. What is great about these minis is the fact that they allow the wearer to play up her own unique style; because the skirt is relatively plain, it can be paired with a variety of blouse types and patterns. Below, Kristen opts to wear her mini with a loose white blouse, giving her a classic school girl style. More daring fashionistas can wear bolder patterns if they want, however, like graphic tees, flannel button-downs, or floral blouses. It’s up to you!

The sole downside to leather minis like Kristin’s is the cost… Care to venture how much Kristen paid for her skirt? The answer is shocking: $395. (It’s from Alice and Olivia.) Just because this celeb didn’t get her pleated mini for a steal doesn’t mean that you can’t though! After some internet browsing, I’ve come across four great skirts that are being sold at extremely reasonable prices, meaning that this style staple can actually make it into your own closet. Also, I’ve featured three different tops that go along great with pleated skirts, just to give you some style inspiration.

So are you a fan of this latest fashion trend? Tell me why or why not in the comments below!



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Top Left Mini: $49,

Top Right Mini: $76,

Bottom Left Mini: $73,

Bottom Right Mini: $32,

Mustache Sweater: $32,

Leopard Blouse: $28,

Plaid Button-Down: $25,

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