Make Your Own Necklace Headband! [DIY with CC]


One cute way to dress up any hairdo is with a great headband. A lot of the headbands featured in magazines now look more like necklaces. So why not make your own headband out of a necklace or belt? I found this great video from Kayleigh on her foreveryours0721 YouTube channel. Below are the written instructions. Enjoy!

What You’ll Need:

  • old necklace or belt
  • thread (should be the same color as you necklace or belt)
  • needle
  • stretch headband
  • scissors
  • pliers
  • clear nail polish
  • ruler

Step One: Take pliers and detach the clasp and jump rings on necklace.

Step Two: Cut the stretch headband where it’s seamed together. Cut 6-8 inches off in length. ┬áThe size of the headband depends on the size of the necklace or belt you’re using and the size of your head.

Step Three: Cover the ends of the stretch headband with clear nail polish. This will prevent fraying.

Step Four: Take the needle and thread and being to stitch the stretch headband to the ends of the necklace or belt. Make sure that your stitches are showing up on the backside of necklace.

And done!

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