How to Find the Perfect Running Shoe [Body Blog]

I glanced over at my running shoes the other day, and realized a little change might be in order. I think, once upon a time, my shoes were white. Now they’re sort of a brownish-gray color, and they look like the might have gotten tossed around in a blender. I wear my running shoes a lot, not just for running, but for functional training exercises. I decided that it was probably time for a new pair – but good shoes are pricey!

I’ve had my current pair of running shoes for quite a while, and they’ve held up well. Luckily, good shoes last for a long time. Running shoes are an investment. They’re expensive, but worth it if you get a good pair. That being said, you don’t want to invest in a pair you end up hating. So how do you know which shoes to buy? If you’ve been thinking about upgrading your footwear, you know that there are a ton of selections. I happened upon this video, which does a great job of detailing what to look for in a running shoe. Check it out!

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