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Meningitis, Space Travel and Autotuned Politics [Current Events Cheat Sheet]


Midterm season already? Here’s what you missed while you were crying into your books.

At Home

A fungal meningitis outbreak due to contaminated steroid injections has infected 91 people in 9 states. Public health officials fear that the contaminated drugs could have been administered to thousands of patients.

The first commercial flight to the International Space Station, the SpaceX rocket, lifted off carrying an unmanned cargo capsule.

At the University of South Alabama, a naked student was fatally shot by a campus security guard. The officer claims he was physically threatened by the student.

The World

Socialist president Hugo Chavez was reelected in Venezuela. This will be his third term.

The Libyan Parliament voted to dismiss the new prime minister it chose four weeks ago. He failed to form a cabinet that would meet the parliament’s approval.

Hundreds of people in Pakistan marched to protest U.S. drone strikes. The convoy also included about 35 members of the U.S. antiwar group Code Pink.


Ethiopian runners swept the Chicago Marathon, claiming victories in the men’s and women’s races. The organizers also ran out of medals, and will mail them to the 1,300 participants who did not receive them.

Da Bears da Bears da Bears… beat the Jaguars 41-3.

Hot on the Web

Because you know you were thinking about it the whole time, here’s the presidential debate. Autotuned.

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