Target Your Upper Body with Cardio-Boxing! [CC's ShapeU]

For obvious reasons, a girl’s weakest area is her upper body. Whether the excuse is ‘I have no idea what to do,’ or ‘Um, I don’t want to look like a dude…’ many of us end up skimping on some much-needed upper body work. But before you claim that you’re afraid to “get jacked,” – and trust me, I am not trying to look like the women of Ms. Olympia (I mean like, good for them…but like, holy bicep!) – working the upper body with a light set of weights a few times a week is NOT going to get you there (not anywhere near there). Besides, you don’t even need weights to work the upper body! In fact, you can work your arms, chest and back while still getting a heart-pumping cardio workout. The best way to do this, you ask? Well channel your inner Rocky because the answer is boxing!
No, there will be no harm to those pretty faces…I’m talking cardio-boxing, sans the crazy opponent that wants to trip you over a stool or bite your ear off. While we love cardio for burning calories and the other health benefits it offers, a lot of the time, sticking to a straight-up cardio routine means getting minimal use out of our upper body. Take it from the experts at SHAPE Magazine, most people don’t utilize their upper body during cardio. Not only is that preventing them from gaining lean muscle, which boosts the metabolism and helps burn more calories throughout the day – crap, it’s also stopping them from burning more calories during each workout – double crap! And if that isn’t reason enough, who doesn’t want an upper body that is tight and toned? With cardio-boxing, you’ll strengthen and define your muscles without adding on bulk, and using your upper-body to increase your heart rate will keep the calories burning.
Try these simple boxing moves to work your upper body while burning up tons of calories too!

So, aside from my awkward poses and creepy smile, you guys totally get the idea! This is a workout you can do virtually anywhere, and really personalize it to fit what you like! And once you’re finished, you’ll be ready to challenge someone like Stacy Keibler to a round in the ring – Wait…George Clooney is the prize? Count me in!
What did you think of the cardio-boxing workout? Did you feel the burn?

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