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Find Tonight’s Perfect Dinner with [Web Spy]


It’s a fact that most college students have come to live with: dining hall food isn’t exactly appealing. Sure, some nights the entrée choices are better than others, but you can only take so many nights in a row of bland salad bar, grilled chicken sandwiches or mystery meat.

Sure, takeout is always an alternative, but that’s not really the healthiest choice, nor is it friendly on a college student’s budget. The other option is to cook — but that can be a little scary for college students, most of whom don’t have a lot of cooking experience or knowledge.

But makes it easy for even novice chefs and picky eaters alike to find easy recipes!

Get started by first answering a few quiz questions about your taste preferences, dietary restrictions, pantry ingredients, current food cravings, and kitchen skills. Once you do that, adjusts the recipe results to fit your preferences. Choose something from the recommended first page, or search based on keyword, ingredient, or dish type (e.g., pasta, soup, etc.).

What I like most about is the visual appeal. Instead of just giving me a long list of titles, presents the recipes as a delicious-looking photo gallery. Hover over the pictures for a brief description and the total prep/cook time, and click on it to view the list of ingredients and a link to the full recipe.

So next time you’re stuck on what to have for dinner, find some inspiration on! Your body (and wallet) will thank you.

    I'm a TV addict that loves to cook. I like Disney and Harry Potter probably more than an adult should and hate working out. I graduated from St. John's University in 2009 and am currently living and writing in sunny Southern California.