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Nikki Reed is Gorgeous in Green [Celebrity Chic on the Cheap]


It seems like Nikki Reed is always out and about promoting the Twilight franchise. As the final movie is gearing up for release next month, Nikki’s perpetual presence on my favorite fashion sites actually makes sense again. There has definitely been a bit of progression in her sense of style – she used to be a little more grunge-inspired and casual – now, she’s taking on a more girly aesthetic – still comfy-looking, but definitely more polished.

Macy’s dressPiperlime necklace Target shoes

I’ve been obsessed with green lately, so I was super stoked when I saw Nikki in an awesome green dress. This is the kind of dress that you can style in so many different ways. I love that Nikki selected bright jewelry to pair with this. You don’t have to let your bright colors go just because the temperatures drop. This yellow necklace is bold and fabulous, and these yellow pumps definitely amplify this look and make it fashion-forward and glam. However, you could just as easily go with some flats or booties and/or a boyfriend cardigan for a more relaxed, casual look.

[Lead image via Helga Esteb /Shutterstock]

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