Make a No-Sew Pillowcase! [DIY With CC]

If you need to spice up your new apartment or dorm room, DIY-ing your own decor will ensure you have a space that’s uniquely you. Plus–it doesn’t have to be expensive or difficult at all! Here’s a great craft you can do to make a new cover for your pillows, without a sewing machine.
What you need:
– pillow
– fabric in pattern/color of your choice (3x as wide, 2x as tall as pillow!)

What to do (see instructions with pictures here):
1. Lay fabric flat (wrong side up) with pillow in the center.
2. Wrap top and bottom sides of fabric around pillow so that the edges meet in the center.
3. For the unfolded sides, fold each corner in like a triangle (this will be similar to wrapping a present).
4. Pull both triangle ends towards each other and tie the ends over the center where the other two fabric edges met.
5. After tying the knot, tuck in the ends of the fabric, and voila! You’ve successfully wrapped your pillow.

Thanks to the idea, instructions, and photos courtesy of:
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