Senior Year: Schedule Your Schoolwork Around Your Social Calendar

With senior year in affect for approximately a month now, I’ve come across this problem quite a bit already: how do I maximize my social life without jeopardizing my schoolwork? It seems like every night there’s an invite to go to some senior bar night, someone’s 21st, or some party. With so much on a senior’s social calendar, it’s easy to get caught up in living it up and forget that fact that while it’s senior year, it’s still a school year. So, what’s a social girl to do?
1. Get a planner: This is a pretty basic step. I don’t really see how anyone could have made it to senior year without a planner but I know some people don’t use one. A planner is the best friend of a busy person. Sit down and write all of your assignments from your syllabi. Color coordinating your tests and papers will serve as a great visual when you make your plans for the week.
2. Stick to a schedule during the week: Setting a schedule really helps in keeping organized and on top of things. Try setting aside blocks of time each day to get your readings done. It’s always easy to do things in small chunks rather than saving everything for the last minute. And if your class schedule varies from day to day, it’s always good to wake up at the same time anyway. Your body will respond better and you can use the extra time to get work done.
3. Assess the importance of social events: Just because you’re invited to something, it doesn’t mean you have to go. I know that Fear of Missing Out is a real thing for some people. But if it’s an event that happens weekly, then it’s probably okay to skip out on it from time to time. Or if you don’t feel like going out, don’t go out! People can always tell if you’re in a bad mood or if you’d rather be someone else. Don’t be a buzzkill for the rest of the group if you’re exhausted.
4. Don’t go out more than two consecutive nights in a row: I find that two nights is the most a busy student can really handle. Some people are hardcore and can handle more but I think that the majority of us require more sleep. Going out three nights or more is super draining and I guarantee that something will be neglected past the two night rule. Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays always seem to be the biggest nights anyway. From my experience, people are strange on Fridays. Plus, going out is expensive so this rule saves your wallet as well.
5. Remember that while it is senior year, it’s not the last year you’ll ever go out in your life: There’s life after college. You don’t have to go hard every time you go out. You can’t savor memories you don’t have.
Hopefully these rules help you out. No one wants to miss out on opportunities but no one likes feeling overwhelmed either. Keep on enjoying senior year! What tips help to keep you organized?
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