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Things I Do Not Want To Do: Freefall From Space


Today, Felix Baumgartner broke the sound barrier with his body while jumping from space. As in outer space. As in 128,097 feet in outer space. OUTER EFFING SPACE. What did you do with your day? I sat around watching episodes of Instant Star and ate a bagel in my bed. Felix is officially the man, except for the fact that he’s crazy enough to jump out of a space balloon and plummet to Earth.

The Stratos mission was sponsored by Red Bull as an attempt to break the world record of the longest freefall jump, and break it they did. Felix, an Austrian-born pilot, was the man for the job. He’s been collaborating with Red Bull since 1988 and has a history of BASE jumping, freefalling, and yoloing missions. Plus, he’s really really ridiculously good looking.

This space jump had two failed attempts during the week due to poor weather conditions, but it finally happened today without a hitch. Had the wind been off slightly, Felix could have been doomed. Thankfully, it was a huge success and also gave YouTube a record number of viewers with around 8 million tuning in.

Check out the highlights below!

[Lead image via Red Bull Stratos]

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