11 Women On TV He’ll Be Drooling Over All Fall [Dude’s List]

At last, about 95% of the shows for this fall have premiered, some even a few episodes in. Having given in to my studious nature, I’m happy to produce for you 11 women you should feel threatened by over the next few months. Don’t worry, not in a literal sense, just in a “my boyfriend’s totally thinking about how hot she looks” kind of sense. There are some returning faves and some fresh faces, allow me to share with you the results of the exhausting research…

The list could have been longer. Much longer. Decisions had to be made, no matter how difficult (sorry, Zooey Deschanel!). Still, we’ve got representation from all the major networks, a not so major network and a couple of the premium channels. It was as well balanced a list as I could come up with. Now you tell me, who do you think your guy will be tuning in to see this season?

Prisoner of the boob tube,

The Dude

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