Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie Training to Star in "Fifty Shades of Grey"

That can really be the only reason why they reportedly built an entire sex cottage on the outskirts of their French property, Chateau Miraval. The couple is said to have spent £25,000 converting one of their outbuildings into a soundproof “Red Room of Pain”. You Fifty Shades readers know what I’m talking about.
There’s apparently a bed, toy box (not for the kids) and even a sex swing. Because what couple with 87 children doesn’t need a sex swing?
And that’s not even the best part. A source from The Sun is claiming, “They disappear down there, telling their kids they’re going out for some fresh air. Brad comes back looking like the cat that got the cream and they are giggly for the rest of the day.”
On one hand, I’ve got to give them credit — they’re certainly going to great lengths to keep their relationship fresh and passionate. I would imagine that traveling the world for work, balancing a large family with crazy careers and keeping their private life private all takes a toll on the romantic aspect of things. Thank God they’ve at least got a whole trunk full of who knows what to spice things up.
On the flip slide, I seriously cannot wait until Shiloh is old enough to write a tell-all about growing up Jolie-Pitt.
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