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The other day I was in the library, procrastinating  working on a paper when I overheard someone say something about a midsemester party. Immediately I perked up. The midsemester? Really? How could we possibly have reached that point already? I still barely felt like the semester had started. But sure enough the midsemester was creeping up on us, which also means that midterms will soon be creeping up on all of us. Which means you’ll probably be spending more time in the library then you’d like to. But hey, just because you have devote your free time to studying doesn’t mean you can’t look stylish while doing it. Right? Right.
Wear Real Clothes
One thing that I have to come to realize about myself is that when I am studying, I cannot be home, and I cannot be in my sweats or my pajamas. If I’m that comfy the chance of me doing anything other than Facebook stalking and watching Netflix greatly diminishes. But when I get dressed it forces my body to wake up and realize that there’s work to be done.
Keep It Comfy
Just because I said you shouldn’t wear your  sweats to the library that doesn’t mean you can’t be comfortable. You’re going to be sitting in one place, probably curled into some awkward position for hours on end. So leave the mini skirts and the dresses for another day. Leggings,  long tunics and boots? Today is the day to try those out. Stretch jeans and your favorite sweater? Go for it. Even your boyfriend’s cozy old button down will do.
Layer, Layer, Layer
You’re hot. You’re cold. The air condition is on. They’ve turned the heat up. You’re having anxiety-induced hot flashes. My point is you can’t control the environment around you, but you can control how you react to the environment. Wear a layered outfit when you study to make things a little easier on you. Cardigans. Button downs over tanks. Scarves. You know the drill.
What do you think?
Do you have a go-to study outfit? Jeans? Leggings and an oversize shirt? Or do you prefer to stick to the basic “college sweatshirt and Ugg boots” combo? Leave a comment and let me know your recipe for studying success!

Jenn is a communications grad student and a social media fanatic who spends her free time reading, writing, watching too much tv and shopping for shoes she can’t afford. At least that’s what her Twitter bio says. Follow her @jenninzetta.

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