Taylor Momsen Is Naked in Her New Video and I Should Care Why?


In a never-ending quest to prove to the world that she is not her character, Jenny Humphrey, from Gossip Girl, Taylor Momsen released a music video today entitled “Under the Water,” where she bares it all. Naturally the internet has responded by going crazy and screaming out “She’s too young!!” The video (featured below) is nothing short of bizarre. It shows Taylor standing with lots of really zoomed in shots of her arms, legs, fingers and raccoon eyes. It’s trying to be pretty artsy, and the song isn’t exactly a song. It’s more just Taylor doing some spoken word poetry. In a grand finale of artistic flair, the last frame shows Taylor completely nude just hanging out. The video itself is only about a minute long, with Taylor being completely nude for maybe 10 seconds but, boy, are people upset.

The spoken word music video is directed by Tim Mattia of Amp Rock TV and is an installment of a series they are doing called “The Words,” which features spoken-word like music videos from Evanescense, Marilyn Manson and My Chemical Romance. While Taylor is the only one I’ve seen appear in the buff, all of the music videos are basically the same.

Bottom line: I don’t really see what the big deal is. While Taylor is in fact naked, the image is a little distorted. Honestly, it looks like they superimposed Taylor’s face on a different body because of the way the image is arranged. Shadows are cast in all the right places so you’re not seeing any part of her lovely lady lumps, but rest assured it is in fact her doing all her own stunt work.

In my opinion it’s supposed to be tasteful and representative of the lyrics in her piece. The last thing she says before the camera zooms out on her nekkidness is, “and finally I’m free.” Obviously the act of not wearing clothes has symbolized freedom for a while, so I understand.

Another reason why none of this bothers me is that Taylor is 19 years old, so it’s all perfectly legal. She isn’t like a lot of the other celebs that got their start at a young age who are still trying to maintain a role model-like identity. While younger girls may have liked her character on Gossip Girl, Taylor was never like the Disney stars we see completely derail. She was never trying to be a role model. In fact, her character Jenny was kind of a badass towards the end of her reign on the TV show too, so it’s not at all surprising to me to see Taylor take it all off. The music video was thought provoking and kind of sad in the way that it was supposed to be sad. Taylor is the type of girl to really commit to her music or art and she proved that when she stripped down for the video.

But what do you think? Is Taylor Momsen getting a little too “Reckless”?