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Book-to-Movie Franchises That Need a Reboot


Have you ever read a really great book and thought, “Wow, that would make a great movie”? Or maybe one of your favorite books has already been turned into a movie, but it was only so-so. It’s perfectly commonplace today for books to be turned into movies. I actually sometimes wonder if some books are written with the specific intent of being turned into a huge franchise one day.

This actually happened somewhat recently when I saw John Carter. The movie was TERRIBLE, but I had to go see it because I heart Taylor Kitsch. Whatever, you understand. Anyway, when I was leaving the theater, I heard people talking about how the book was just so much better. I’ve never read the book, but I’m tempted to — the plotline seemed cool, but the movie execution was just not doing it for me.

Check out a bunch of other book-to-movies the pros think need to be rebooted. It’s a pretty cool list and will definitely get you wishing someone would finally give these an overhaul!

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