Stuck in a Bold Moves Rut [One Month Challenge]

Since we’re all friends here, I’m going to level with you. The hardest part of Bold Moves October hasn’t been the actually being bold part, it’s finding opportunities to be bold that’s giving me trouble. I’m not sure if other people are in this position, too, or if maybe my life is just exceptionally dull. Either way, though, I’ve been ready! I’ve been waiting! I’ve yelled for the universe to toss me a sign!
But waiting isn’t very bold, is it? Each morning I wake up and dress like I might run into my ex, which is actually quite likely. He lives four blocks away. I thought that was a great tip from Prescott, though, and an excellent place to start. After all, when your hair has some extra oomph and your clothes look put together, it’s hard not to have a burst of confidence. So check that one off my list. I’m great at avoiding flat hair and laundry pile outfits.
I considered the logical next step, after looking the part, was to go out and actually find the part. Let’s pause here for a moment, because do you all realize how hard this is? Like I said before, I was open and waiting for fate to take me on some crazy journey that I would just say “yes!” to. But it didn’t happen.
I got on and off the subway. I went to work. I hung out with friends. I hit the bars. I looked around for chances to put my bold face on, but came up with zilch. All the while, keep in mind, I’ve been closely following the BMO progress of fellow bloggers and DateByNumbers herself. It seems like everyone is rolling up their sleeves and making major life changes while I’ve been stuck at the starting line, shouting for the world to wait for little ol’ me.
This One Month Challenge is proving harder than I ever imagined. So tell me. To those of you participating in Bold Moves October, where are you finding the opportunities to be bold? Do you wake up each day with a to-do list of bold moves, or is it more organic? Am I completely missing the boat on something here? And to those of you following along, have you been inspired by the success stories of other Bold Move-ers? Share your comments with me, because I’m totally stuck in a bold moves rut.
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Woman Brings Disposable Camera to Presidential Debate
Woman Brings Disposable Camera to Presidential Debate
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