Taylor Swift is Marvelous in Maroon [Celebrity Chic on the Cheap]

I unabashedly adore Taylor Swift. She crafts excellent pop songs that, while not necessarily be the height of maturity, are perfect for singing along to and making me feel like I’m 14 again. Her style has never really been on my radar, other than her amazing collection of sequined red carpet dresses, but this outfit she wore while out and about is quirky, cute, and perfect for fall.

Mango topASOS pants Fred Flare shoesYoox bagKohl’s necklace

Maroon is one of my favorite autumnal colors. It’s such a warm and rich shade, and it’s incredibly versatile. In this outfit, it provides an excellent neutral base for the polka dot jeans. I really love these – the black and white scheme make it so you can pair these with nearly any color to create a sassy and fun aesthetic. Feline flats are definitely a bold move, but definitely are a cool way to spice up an ensemble. This maroon leather bag is gorgeous and classic addition to any wardrobe, and a pearl necklace adds a dash of dainty elegance.

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