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The Hottest Halloween Costumes For Guys [He Said/She Said]


I love Halloween. I love hollowing out the pumpkin and making soup with the remains, I love getting the candy ready for trick-or-treaters, and I love planning what I’m going to dress up as. But I have a confession. As much as I love Halloween, I’ve never been to the typical Halloween party where everyone’s drunk and dressed up and having the best night ever. Which kind of sucks especially because it means no matter what amazing costume I dream up, I don’t make the effort to bring it to life and always resort to just wearing the standard cat outfit I’ve used for pretty much the last five years.

I feel bad for guys, because when you think about it, what’s their standard fail-safe Halloween costume? For girls it’s simple – if you’re trying to get with guys and have a crazy night you can just choose any standard option and put ‘slutty’ in front of it (slutty nurse, slutty cat, slutty policewoman, need I go on?). Poor guys, though.

I’ve picked out a few costumes that will always make a guy look hot on Halloween, so that anyone else who loves Halloween as much as I do and actually has the opportunity to go out and celebrate it won’t be lost for classic costume ideas…

PLUS: See what He Says are the hottest Halloween costumes for girls to wear. Oh, I can only imagine what they came up with.

[Image via ikilledchivalry]

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