Green Cargo Jackets Are a Fall Must-Have [Budget Stylista]

It seems that the latest fashion trend is taking us back to the late 90s — you know, when all of the cool kids in school were wearing Abercrombie & Fitch’s green army cargo pants. I myself admit to owning a pair of rhinestone-clad ones that I would wear every Friday night… I just thought that they were that stylish.
As fate would have it, the army-inspired cargo trend has reemerged on the runway, and to every fashionista’s relief, the old trend is way more stylish this time around. Thank the lord.
Instead of taking the form of pants, the forest green cargo material is now used to make cute army jackets that are perfect for the fall weather.
Incredibly versatile, the jacket can be paired with a dress or jeans; perhaps the cutest look is when you wear the jacket with a frilly white dress or blouse, giving your outfit a surprising contrast. Don’t fret if you don’t have anything white in your closet though— I promise the jacket compliments practically any outfit. Whether you wear it with heels or a pair of converse, the jacket has this way of emitting a stylish, yet relaxed vibe. Now who doesn’t want their clothes to do that?
If you want to jump aboard the trend, check out these two jackets from and, which are priced at $61 and $46, respectively. What a steal!

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